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The Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue
Kangaroos Centenary Edition

Kangaroos, in full colour, including essays and proofs, revised with new discoveries, and further research on the plate varieties with new plate positions identified, and new varieties added. 6th edition, 230 pages, softbound, 2017

King George V Centenary Edition

King George V, in full colour with a number of new discoveries and plate varieties added, especially in the ½d, 3d, and 4d values. Prices have been fully revised. 5th edition, 474 pages, softbound, 2018

King George VI

King George VI, including proofs, incorporating new research, additional plate varieties and enhanced illustrations, with UPU Specimen and cancelled-to-order stamps, and including all BCOF issues, 3rd edition, 280 pages, softbound, 2015

Queen Elizabeth II, 1952-1966

Queen Elizabeth II 1952-1966, including Australian Antarctic Territory and Cocos (Keeling) Islands issues, 3rd edition, 376 pages, softbound, 2015

Decimals I, 1966-1975

Decimals I 1966-1975, completely rewritten, many new varieties listed and illustrated, with dramatic price adjustments, 2nd edition, 436 pages, softbound, 2002

Decimals II, 1975-1991

Decimals II 1975-1991, the largest volume to date, with a wealth of information, 558 pages, softbound, 2002

Decimals III, 1992-2001

Decimals III 1992-2001, completing 100 years since Federation, 512 pages, softbound, 2002

Postage Dues, including New South Wales and Victoria

Postage Dues, including New South Wales and Victoria, the first ever specialised listing of the Colonial issues, and the Commonwealth issues fully revised, including UPU Specimen and cancelled-to-order stamps, 2nd edition, 228 pages, softbound, 2014


Booklets, through to the end of 2001, including booklets containing States stamps, numbers issued of most early booklets, detailed listings of 1960-73 edition and advert combinations and the 1979-2001 period specialised, 2nd edition, 257 pages, softbound, 2003

Postal Stationery, 1911-1966

Postal Stationery 1911-1966, including Australian Territories issues, highly specialised with much new and previously unrecorded information, IN FULL COLOUR, A4 perfect bound, 2nd edition, 484 pages, 2018


Australian Philatelic Research Series and Monographs
The Numeral Cancellations of NSW

The Numeral Cancellations of New South Wales, by Hugh Freeman, APR (Brusden-White, 2017), hardbound with dust jacket, 376 pages. The second edition incorporates all new discoveries and revisions, with additional illustrations and adjusted rarity ratings. Hugh's research in this area has been acknowledged with the award of the Research Medal of the Australian Philatelic Federation this year.
No. 1 of the Brusden-White Australian Philatelic Research Series.