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Auction Information

Cavendish bidding increments

GavelThe following bidding steps will normally be used in our auctions.
(Postal bids should always fit in with these figures; other figures will be rounded down).


  • Up to £48 in £2 steps
  • £50 – £95 in £5 steps
  • £100 – £200 in £10 steps
  • £200 – £500 in £20 steps
  • £500 – £1000 in £50 steps
  • £1000 – £2000 in £100 steps
  • Over £2000 at Auctioneer's discretion

Special Notices regarding Reserves, Currency, Hammer Price, Payments etc.

1.- Each lot is received in these offices for sale in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Sale, and will be offered for sale subject to the Cavendish reserve as stated in Clause 10.1. Written instructions from a vendor as to other reserves (if any) must reach these offices 7 days prior to the sale, but at the latest on the day before the date of the sale and must be confirmed after receipt of advice note.
2.- It is necessary that correspondence from abroad relating to reserves should be expressed in British currency.
3.- The auctioneers will not be held responsible for the loss of stamps received inadequately mounted or arranged.
4.- Unsold lots which have not been cleared will, after the expiration of six months, be sold to defray expenses.
5.- Lots bid on and bought in by the vendor will be regarded as sold and liable for full commission.
6.- The buyer shall pay a premium of 20 per cent of the Hammer Price plus VAT at the standard rate (No VAT is added to the premium for literature lots).
7.- Settlement is made between 35 and 42 days after the sale except when the purchaser resides abroad, when settlement may be slightly delayed.
8.- "Buy" bids cannot be accepted by the Auctioneers.
9.- The Auctioneers reserve the right to refuse admission to their premises without giving reason.
Please see the sections 'Information for Vendors' and 'Information for Buyers' for more general information about our services. These figures are for guidance only; they will usually be adhered to, but under certain circumstances – for example very active room bidding – steps may be increased; see 6.4 of our terms and conditions.

Value Added Tax

(Reg. No: GB 255 3800 11)
VAT is not charged on the majority of lots in Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd. auctions. However, a * prior to a Lot No. indicates that Standard Rate VAT is to be charged on that particular Lot, and ** prior to the lot indicates that Temporary Import VAT is to be charged for that particular Lot. Purchasers residing outside the EC will not be charged VAT on these lots if they are posted by Cavendish to a non-EC address. VAT at the standard rate is added to the Buyer's Premium for all purchases, except books and other zero-rated items.

Photocopy / Fax / Scan Viewing

We can supply free of charge up to 5 photocopies, scans or fax-copies of suitable small lots. We can also email scans of single item lots, or 2 pages from an album/collection, or 2 scans from a multiple item lot. We reserve the right to make a nominal charge for additional items. Please email Anna Spring: anna@cavendish-auctions.com or phone 01332 250970 for details.

Postal Bidding

The auctioneer will execute bids received from clients unable to attend the sale in person. This service is entirely free of charge, and such clients should use the bid form (click here) which is also enclosed in the catalogue, but the auctioneer cannot accept liability for errors or omissions in executing instructions to bid. Bids may be given in full confidence that lots will be purchased as cheaply as possible subject to other bids received, or reserves if any. Payment for lots secured must be made immediately on receipt of invoice.

Telephone / Fax Bids

We strongly recommend that all bids are sent by mail, email or fax. Nevertheless if it is necessary to telephone bids we are happy to co-operate. However, due to shortage of time we would ask that you endeavour to phone no later than 1 hour before the start of the auction on the day of a sale. Any errors resulting from misinterpretation of lot numbers, bids or instructions are the responsibility of the bidder. Again, we urge that bids are mailed and early. The first bid received in the event of a tie is given precedence. Please telephone to confirm the safe arrival of faxed bids, the auctioneers cannot be held responsible for the non-arrival of faxed bids. All telephone bids must be confirmed in writing (Our Fax on 01332 294440 is always available or email stamps@cavendish-auctions.com).

Phone Bidding

Telephone bids may - at the discretion of the Auctioneer - be executed by the Auctioneer's staff "live" in the auction room. This is only undertaken upon the understanding that the Auctioneer cannot be held responsible for errors arising therefrom. A charge will be payable for this service. Please contact Sam Sheppard to arrange telephone bidding at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the auction to avoid disappointment - email sam@cavendish-auctions.com or phone 01332 250970.


Prospective purchasers who intend to seek an expert opinion on a lot (excluding mixed lots or a lot including undescribed items) must inform Cavendish at least 48 hours before the scheduled commencement of the relevant auction. Such a request should stipulate why an expert opinion is being sought and provide the name/s of the individual expert or committee whose opinion is being sought, which is subject to Cavendish's approval. If the request is approved, the lot will be submitted for expertisation by Cavendish and all costs of obtaining a Certificate of Authenticity will be met by the purchaser of the lot in question. Full payment for the lot must be made as per normal Terms and Conditions. A refund of the cost of the lot plus Buyer's Premium and any VAT on the lot only, will be made if the items(s) fails expertisation. Cavendish Philatelic Auctions are not responsible in any way for Expertisation Charges. Extensions sought on the grounds of condition will not normally be accepted for expert opinion and any lot described as defective in any way may not be returned should the Certificate of Authenticity obtained cite faults not noted in the description. Additionally, any item offered for sale accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity is sold on the basis of that Certificate and not on any other. No request for extension will be granted on such an item and Cavendish would be unable to accept return of the same. Assuming that any request for an extension is accepted by Cavendish, an appropriate announcement will be made on the rostrum prior to sale of the lot in question.

Payment by Credit Card at Cavendish

We DO NOT accept payments by Personal credit cards issued by a UK or EU bank, or Charge cards (e.g. American Express, Diners Club, etc.).

We DO accept Corporate credit cards, and Personal credit cards issued by overseas banks. Use of these cards will be subject to a surcharge of 2.5% + VAT on the invoice total, including buyer's premium, postage and packaging, etc.


The hammer prices for all lots sold at the auction will be listed on the Cavendish website as soon as possible after the sale, once the rostrum books have been checked. This normally takes approximately 2 hours. Vendors who do not have internet access may request a printed copy of their results, which will normally be mailed within 48 hours after the auction. Likewise, bidders may contact us direct for their results the day after the sale; please telephone Anna Spring on 01332 250970.